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500 Series shoe


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The most technically advanced curling shoe on the market.
Removable sliders and grippers allow for easy customization.
Offers athletic styling with superior performance.

BalancePlus 3/16" Patented slider upgradable to 1/4"
Velcro® attached slider and gripper pods
Thinsulate™ interlining for warmth
Two sets of removable insoles to ensure the proper fit of each foot
Full grain black leather upper
Plain trailing toe design upgradable with toe coating

Men's sizes 7-12, 13
Ladies sizes 6-10, 11

Full and Half Sizes


Fitting Assistance

The following will assist in determining the proper shoe length for 500 Series.

Remove the insole from a pair of your best fitting shoes, lay a ruler on top of the insole (also called footbed or insert) and measure the length in mm.

Using the chart on the left, select the shoe size that corresponds to the length of your insole.

Note: the best way to determine shoe fit is to try the shoes on before purchasing. This system does not measure width or circumference.



Anti-Slider (rubber pull-on gripper for covering sliding shoe) Sizing:

500 Anti-Slider Sizing Chart


Our shoes are guaranteed against manufacturer's defects for a period of one year. Proof of purchase required.
Please call us directly at 1-800-715-1715 with your questions or concerns.
We will complete the repairs under warranty the same day and return directly to you via courier.

Make sure your shoes fit comfortably before using. 
Improperly fitting shoes must be returned unworn and undamaged in original packaging.
Take good care of your shoes (see maintenance tips).
Attend to defects promptly.

To ensure years of enjoyment from your curling footwear, we suggest the following maintenance tips

  1. New shoes will break in faster if worn at room temperature.
  2. Cover your slider with an antislider (slip-on gripper) when not on the ice to avoid damage to your BalancePlus slider.
  3. Keep your gripper and antislider clean by washing regularly with soap and water.  This will improve traction and keep dirt off the ice. 
    Wipe excess dirt from the exterior of the shoes with a damp cloth and polish.  Avoid storing your shoes in extreme cold temperatures
    prior to games; i.e. the trunk of your car.  Grippers and antisliders are like tires:  they wear out and must be maintained and repaired or
    replaced if they become worn or damaged.  Avoid unnecessary gripper wear with proper hack foot placement.
  4. Curling shoes receive a lot of abuse from stopping and kicking rocks.  Some curlers also rub their shoes together while sweeping.
    Check your habits to avoid unexpected wear.
  5. The trailing shoe is subjected to abuse while dragging over the pebble during the delivery.  Should you notice wear in a particular area,
    take the necessary precautions to reduce damage. Have all problems corrected promptly.
  6. Let your shoes dry fully at room temperature. (Don't leave them in your curling bag).  Remove the insole from your shoes between games to aid removal of perspiration.  Cedar shoetrees are recommended if your feet perspire excessively.
  7. The toe of the trailing shoe is designed to change shape.  This will increase the life of the shoe and increase surface area contact.  Applying low friction materials to the toe will increase drag.
  8. The black dye on the leather welt of the Delux shoes that joins the sole to the upper may wear off with use, exposing the brown leather.
    This is natural and not a defect. It can be touched up with an indelible black marker.
  9. Keep antisliders away from natural crepe rubber grippers, as a deterioration of the crepe rubber will occur.

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