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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order BalancePlus® products?
Visit one of the stores in the Retailers section of this website.
Go to the BalancePlus e-Pro Shop to create a new account begin shopping. Browse through the product catagories to find the item(s) that you're looking to order and add those items to your cart. Click checkout at the top of the page and follow the instructions on screen to complete your order.
Can I have the BalancePlus® slider installed on my current pair of curling shoes?
Of course.  When sending your shoes to us for service, please specify "Door to Door" delivery to ensure your order is processed immediately.  Include a detailed note inside your parcel that specifies your name, address, shipping address (if different), Visa or MasterCard number with valid expiry date. Click here to go to the e-Pro Shop and click on Installations for this service. NOTE:  A black leather BalancePlus label will be affixed to the upper of your sliding shoe.
Can the BalancePlus Slider be installed on street or walking shoes?
The BalancePlus Slider can be installed on almost any type of shoe.  When you are purchasing a pair of shoes for a BalancePlus installation, please keep in mind that plain outsoles are easier to work with than others.  There will be an additional sole preparation charge of $20.00 per shoe for non-curling shoes. Click here to go to the e-Pro Shop and click on Installations for this service.
How would the installation of an additional BalancePlus® hole benefit me?
An additional BalancePlus hole will decrease surface area, and increase the speed of your slider.  The additional hole will allow the matching of deceleration amongst all players of a curling team, ultimately improving consistency and weight control. The additional hole may be located at the toe of the sole for toe and/or tuck deliveries, in the heel for flat foot deliveries, and in both locations for curlers that vary their technique.  All sliders have a hole under the ball of the foot.
What is the trailing toe coating?  Why is it important?
The coating that is applied to the trailing toe is a specially formulated mixture that is applied as a liquid and hardens to form a protective coating.  This coating also provides the curler with less drag on the trailing toe.  This coating can be applied to all new footwear and any existing footwear.  Note:  There will be a noticeable increase in the speed of your trailing foot with the toe coating.
How long does it take to get the BalancePlus® Slider installed?
Any services or repairs are processed the day of delivery, and are available for shipping the next business day.  This is the case for the entire year excluding the start of the curling season, as this time is very busy and volumes can be overwhelming.  It is advised that you send your shoes to us in the off-season to ensure prompt delivery.  Please send us your shoe(s) by a courier that will deliver "door to door".  This will ensure that your parcel has been delivered directly to BalancePlus.  Click here to go to the e-Pro Shop and click on Installations for this service.   This will also speed up the installation process.
What are the advantages of upgrading to a 1/4" slider?
With an increase in thickness to 1/4", the slider rides above the pebble more and thus reduces the sliding surface area and ultimately is faster in speed.  Also, as the slider gets thicker, there is more stability in the sliding platform.
How do I send my shoe to BalancePlus for an installation?
Click here to go to the e-Pro Shop and click on Installations for this service.
Can I return shoes that do not fit properly?
In-stock items may be exchanged for a different size if they have not been used/worn. All special orders (non-stock items) are final, with no option for exchange or return.
Where can I try on BalancePlus Products?
Go to the Retailers section of this website to view a listing of BalancePlus® retailers.  Visit these businesses to try on and purchase BalancePlus® products.

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