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BalancePlus Sliders Inc. was formed in 1996 by Lino Di Iorio.

Lino was a new curler who was immediately taken by the sport. After a few months as a curler, Lino experimented with his footwear to ultimately provide himself with the best possible feel, speed, and control when on the ice.

In 1996 we secured a patent for the BalancePlus® Slider, and with it's invention we were able to increase the speed of regular PTFE sliders to produce a faster, more balanced slide. Curlers were quick to try the slider and find for themselves if there was a difference between the BalancePlus® Slider and their former slider.

The results were outstanding. In a matter of months curlers everywhere were inquiring about the sliders and sending their shoes for installations.

A few months later, at the World Curling Championships in 1996, BalancePlus® held consultations and appointments to test and demonstrate the BalancePlus Slider. This catapulted the slider onto the World stage. Olympians, World Champions, and club curler's were now demanding installations of their own.

That's when we started marketing our slider to Curling Pro-Shops and Retail Outlets all over the world. Together with the Brooks Curling Shoe, our sliders were made available in nearly every curling circle in the world.

Technical Developments

Lino went to work on other facets of his game. Line of Delivery, Decelleration, and point of release. With these technical points of the game in mind, Lino developed equipment to aid in his analysis and instruction of the curling delivery.

Late in 1996 we created a device that enables the recording of a curler's slide from the other end of the rink. With the target disected into a camera lens at the far end, we could accurately determine whether a curler was sliding on the proper line of delivery. Add a remote control to move the target and camera, and a screen for on ice feedback, and you have a device we feel is extremely instrumental in the technical development of the sport.

In conjunction with the above equipment, we employ electronic timers to record the time from the back line to first hog line. This allows a curler's sliding speed consistency to be measured and improved. Competitive teams were now able to become accurate interval timers to aid in sweeping judgment and communication.

It was then our mission to develop a curling shoe that has been specifically designed for curling, that best fit the technological features of the BalancePlus Slider.

The Delux Curling Shoe

The Delux Curling Shoe was first manufactured in 1998 and with a soft product launch, quickly became popular and sought after by many competitive and club curlers. With increasing demand for the shoe, we launched the Delux to the global marketplace in 1999. This shoe represents all the quality and performance our company has installed in each and every one of our sliders.

The Continuation of Technical Development

In 1997 we built a machine that can throw up to 9 rocks at a time, each with identical speed and handle. This machine along with our computer software enables us to know the speeds of all the rocks relative to one another.

Shortly thereafter, in 1998 we went a step further with our already successful BalancePlus® Slider. We found that experimenting with the number, size, and location of more BalancePlus® holes will help competitive curling teams match players' sliding speed and ultimately their release points.

Scotland was first to order and install this equipment in High Performance Curling Camps and Sports Training Camps.

That same year, Lino Di Iorio was retained as a coach and technical adviser by The Royal Caledonian Curling Club and The Scottish Institute of Sport - Curling Section, with the intent of teaching personally developed curling techniques to competitive teams in Scotland.

Orders for the technical equipment were received from Norway and Scotland, and we have received serious inquiries for the equipment from Japan, Switzerland, Sweden, and the United States.

From the core of our footwear operations, to our Technical Development tools, BalancePlus is committed to working on new ideas to improve the sport of curling on a global level.

Good Curling,

BalancePlus® Sliders Inc.
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