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The chart below shows the advantages for various groups:


"The guys thought they were great, it's hard to judge how efficient the heads are compared to the old ones. But we did sweep (carry) a few rocks farther than usual judging by the split times so that's a positive." - Grand Slam of Curling Skip

"I spoke to (omit) and she does think that they were able to carry the rock further at times (1 to 2 feet) but cannot honestly say that it was consistent. Wish I could help you more. I have asked (omit) also but she has not yet replied. I think she will agree." - World Champion Coach

"The boys used them for the last 3 games and thought they were great. We will definitely use them. Can you please order some black and orange for me and ship them when you can. Whatever number suits best for shipping, 60% black would be great." - National Coach

"The heads stayed dry and were easier to sweep with. At one of our events, we heard other teams commenting on flat ice. But our ice wasn't flat." - Grand Slam of Curling Skip



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